Saturday, February 20, 2010

Advertising on Blog

Regular Button advertising

Runs for 1 month from date of button placed on site

Your Button will stay on top until another advertiser purchases a button space, your ad will than be placed below the newest one and so on.

Can be animated or still, if animated you MUST have the code for the button.

Leading Buttons

Runs for 1 month from the date the button is placed on the site

This button will ALWAYS be on top of all other buttons

Only 2 leading button spots are available on the site. These will be located at the top left and right columns

Can be animated or still,if animated you MUST have the code for the button

Top Banner

Top banner will run for 2 weeks

only 1 top banner at a time

can be animated/MUST have code for animated banner

Bottom banner

Bottom banner will run for 3 months from the time the banner is placed on the site.

Can be animated or still, if animated you MUST have the code for the banner

Your banner will placed on the top until another advertiser takes a banner spot. Your banner will than be moved down below the newest banner.

Company link

$2 a month

Includes Name,company and link

Will be located on the left column below buttons.

Advertising in "The Very Busy Mama" Newsletter


For sale Section,yahoo groups section and Company listings

$2 package ($2.50 for BOLD BLACK INK) (Run for 4 weeks $7 OR $8 for BOLD)
-May add up to 100 Characters
-Runs in 1 newsletter
-Black Ink

$3 Package ($3.50 FOR BOLD) (Run for 4 weeks $10 OR $11 FOR BOLD)
-May add up to 250 characters
-Runs in 1 newsletter
-Black Ink

$5 package ($5.50 FOR BOLD) (Run for 4 weeks $15 or $16.50 for BOLD)
- May add up to 500 characters
-Runs in 1 newsletter
-Black Ink

If you are wanting an item or items and would like to list them in the newsletter they are FREE to list as long as you are a paid Subscriber. If not a subscriber you will follow suit with the an classified package.

Banner space in Newsletter
Top banner on Front page and Bottom Banner- Only 2 available per newsletter(just $10 per issue) Plus with this spot you will be able to send in business cards to be placed on the front page for subscribers to grab and keep! Excellent way to get your business noticed and a chance for your business card to go onto that tack board or wallet to remember when they may be in need of that company!
- Runs for 1 newsletter
-Black Ink
-You can place up to 400 characters
-You can choose font
-Choose reg or Bold at no extra cost (some fonts may look better in reg other than bold)

Banner on top and bottom all other pages-$5 per issue 2 available per page all other info same as above.

Sponsor our Crossword puzzle! Just $10 gets you your own personalized crossword puzzle with all of your companies info. Let others test their knowledge while learning more about your Business! With this you can also offer a prize! Let others email you their answers for a chance to win a prize! (if offering a coupon or gift certificate it must be $10 or more)

Box ad

- Up to 250 characters
- Runs for 1 newsletter
- Can be Bold or reg

Half page ad

-Runs for 2 newsletters

-can be bold or reg

Whole page ad
-Can Include up to 10 pictures
-Can be made and printed up by you and shipped to me or Can be made by you and printed out by me or I can design and print out for you.
Price differs through the options for more information please contact me personally.

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